Sunday 23 October 2016

Water Elementals

In my Kings of War Forces of Nature army I've been trying to get a horde of each of the elemental types. Fire I sculpted myself; Earth I built out of cork boulders; and Air I made out of felting cotton.

I've been struggling to make Water elementals. I did try scultping some myself with the intention of casting them in transparent resin, but I'm not a good enough sculptor.

I've been doing all the water effects for my Frostgrave terrain using Vallejo water effects. Doing this gave me the idea of how to make some!

I've used some blister plastic and coated it with some of the Vallejo transparent water. I was really happy with the result, though I noticed that where I bent the blister pack the creases showed through. To try to hide this I've given the elementals a quick dry brush with white paint. I think it's worked!

Now I need to make another 3 to finish the horde.

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