Thursday 7 January 2016

Something a little different... Frostgrave maybe?

So having a 5 year old daughter means I know a little about animated cgi musicals... In particular one with a certain pair of sisters.

Northstar produce this pair of miniatures for use with Frostgrave which very closely resemble the famous duo. I had to get them for my daughter, though I suspect she'll find Frostgrave too frightening to play at the moment.... maybe when she's older.

Since only the older sister should really be any good at magic, the "magic flame" on the younger one has been replaced by a more appropriate snow ball. I also changed my style a bit in order to ensure the bright colours really came through in the way of the film. There was no ink wash!

Now I suspect I'll be asked to find a certain snowman who likes summer.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! I'm currently painting the same minis. I'm planning to tempt my eldest (7) into playing because of these minis. I think the treasure hunting aspect may appeal to her more than the battle aspect of wargaming...