Friday 15 January 2016

Flames of War British Armoured Car Company

Sometime last year I got an imcredibly cheap deal on a Flames of War Open Fire set. Since I already have a lot of German stuff I sold that on to a friend and kept than US Paras and British tanks for myself.

I looked through the Market Garden and Overlord books for a company to build them into and settled on something a bit different. 2nd Household Cavalry Armoured Car Company.

I searched around for suitable armoured car models and settled on Skytrex as they were inexpensive, good and most importantly, actually available. The Battlefront ones always seem to be out of stock. The armoured cars arrived before Christmas and were put away as a present from my wife.

Anyway, with a Flames game coming up this weekend thought I'd like to try these out so I've been rapidly painting them up. Here are the HQ ( 2 Staghound A/C) and 2 Reconnaissance troops (2 Daimler I A/C and a Daimler Dingo).

Now I better get on with those Shermans and Fireflys!

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