Tuesday 9 December 2014

Kings of War Game from a couple of weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago I played a game of Kings of War using my Dark Ages Kings of Men army against my son's Undead horde. Finally I get around to loading the images...

As you can see it's still early days with the painting of his army but what he has got done looks great. I of course helped quite a bit. :)

The game was just a simple "Kill" game without any objectives. In the end we got a draw.

In the first turn my army advances. My knights and Griffon on the left flank counter his Revenant Cavalry and two Spear Phalanx. On the other flank the house produces a bottleneck with the zombie horde proceeding very slowly forward.

The Knights and Griffon clash with the Revenant, Cavalry and spears. A unit of Ghouls spots a flank to charge, but in the process leaves their rear open to attack.

In the centre the Werewolves and Wraiths charge straight into my lines.

The zombie horde shambles forward.

The wraiths are dealt with quickly but the werewolves are a somewhat tougher opponent. The Zombies are double-attacked by Knights and Infantry.

On the left flank the ghouls die and one spear unit is dead. The Revenant Cavalry are hard pressed but refuse to die!

In the centre the zombies won't budge.
A closeup of Brendan's Zombie Horde.

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