Sunday 2 November 2014

My Kings of War Armies so far

So I decided it was about time I saw what all the Kings of War models I've been collecting and painting this year looked like altogether.

To that end I got them all out on the table and took photos.

Note that I have painted most of these this year, except some of the Dwarves, the druids and the cockatrice that were painted in the 90s, some of the Normans that were painted last year, the treeman who is a model used for Lord of the Rings and the Vikings that were painted by my friend Tony Barnes who passed away early this year.

But I've not finished! On my work bench right now are more Norman Infantry. And sitting in boxes dying to painted are even more Normans, Anglo-Saxons, orcs, centaurs, a giant and a griffin. Coming for Christmas are a load of Mantic elves and several boxes of Perry War of the Roses.

Anyway, enough of that... on to the photos!

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