Wednesday 12 November 2014

Kings of War Siege Game

At some time in the new year we intend to try out a Kings of War campaign. Using the rules in the back of the rulebook this means we'll almost certainly need to have a few siege battles. With that in mind we thought it was a good idea to try out the siege rules. Steve had a look and decided they needed a bit of tweaking so he did exactly that and came up with a few minor changes.

With those in hand we set up a game. I would attack with 2000 points of Dwarves against his 1000 points of Twilight Kin (Dark Elves). He was holed up in my Warhammer Fortress which I've had for around 10 years and never used before. I really ought to get it painted. Other siege items we used were 2 siege towers, one a Sally 4th MDF one and the other a GW plastic one (I think); ladders (from Lord of the Rings); battering rams and mantlets.

We gave the siege towers vanguard as we worked out otherwise the dwarves would never get them in contact with the castle walls before the game ended.

Dwarf Army arrayed ready for battle.

Twilight Kin in the fortress.

The inside of the castle.
In the first turn Steve surprised me by charging his cavalry out of the gate and towards the siege towers. I had clear shots at it with my canon.

Twilight Kin Cavalry sally forth

Dwarf cannons have them in their sights
The Cavalry charged one of the siege tower pushing dwarf regiments in the flank inflicting severe damage but failing to rout them.

Cavalry hit the dwarves
However much to Steves dismay my Berserker Brock Riders were able to counter-charge his cavalry in the rear doing a very scary 90 attacks. Suffice to say the Twilight Kin cavalry were routed.

Berserker Brock Riders manoeuvre to attack.

The Dwarves continue the slow process of pushing the siege towers forward,

Still advancing.

On the other flank two units advance more quickly with scaling ladders.

One siege tower contacts the fortress.

Berserkers charge over.

And the canons finally destroy one wall section.

In the end the dwarves did get into the castle, but not enough of them to win the battle.

In hind sight the siege towers were a bad idea for the dwarves. They were just too slow. They'd have been better concentrating on use of canon and scaling ladders and maybe a fire-pot delivered by brock-rider into the gate.

Overall the game worked. I was very pleased we'd resisted multibasing our armies as it allowed us to remove them from their movement trays to be moved around on the towers and walls.

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  1. Very nice siege towers, and a very nice combat too. But the dwarves failed to conquer the castle... Y_Y¡