Monday 3 November 2014

Flames of War City Game

Tonight I had a Flames of War game booked against Andy at COGS. Because he'd not tried urban Flames of War before and because I'd not had it out for over a year I suggested that we have a go with my city board.

Overview of the city

I suggested he not take too much armour and so he decided to play using his Germans I faced off against him with a US 9th Infantry Division force from Citizen Soldiers.

The mission was Hasty Assault and I was the attacker. He deployed a selection of Infantry and some off table artillery (using the "Across the Volga" rule from 2nd edition) keeping his MGs in Immediate Ambush. I deployed my Infantry and AT guns which I would use to blow his MGs out of their defenses. I kept my artillery in reserve as I assumed it would be a few turns before my observers were in position. I was correct in this, but once my artillery was in position it was reasonably effective.

I also kept my recce in reserve. This was a mistake as I realised once I brought them on that as wheeled they would only go at 4" on the Slow Going city roads. As a result they did very little.

US recce wondering why they drive so slowly in a city
The game went well  for me with me pushing against his objective on the right. Progress was slow but eventually I destroyed the MGs he had on the objective and also slowed down the advance of his reserves.

US Infantry advances through the city.
German MGs lie in wait
German MGs lie in wait

US Infantry advance towards the MGs trying to find cover where they can
US Infantry consolidate their position after wiping out the German MGs

On the other flank I got quite a surprise as I suddenly realised that his grenadiers were not trying to flank me, but were going for the objective on my side of the board that I'd completely forgotten. Luckily I had a unit of infantry in reserve and they managed to get into a building adjacent to the objective and with the help of the Engineers in the centre make the chance of Andy taking it very slim indeed.

The high point had to be when I realised that Andy had taken his Stugs within 4" of my Engineers and I was able to charge them without them getting any defensive fire. Unfortunately I only killed one of them, but that was enough to effectively take them out of the game and they did nothing else useful.

Stugs stay back from where their comrade has fallen to the US Engineers

So in the end we just about ran out of time but agreed that I'd got a good foot-hold on one of the objectives and he was unlikely to take it off me.


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