Sunday 9 November 2014

Battlemasters 2014

Yesterday I was at Battlemasters 2014. A Kings of War tournament run by Loughborough Dice Devils. 

Despite many drop outs, the guys that managed to get there had an excellent day of wargaming. I managed to get 3rd place, not so impressive when you consider there was only 4 of us. But the top three of us were only separable by attrition points.

One thing I've learned today is that Abyssal Dwarves artillery is horrific! It really, really needs to be nerfed. The Abyssal Dwarf player, Anthony admitted he felt a little dirty killing three of my units in the first turn of one of our games.

Alessio Cavatore was in attendance and play-tested the 2nd Edition rules with Sharad, the organiser, whilst we played the first couple of games. There looks to be some really good stuff in there and yes, the artillery is being reduced in power.

The placings were:

  • 1st Anthony Evans - Abyssal Dwarves
  • 2nd Jonathan Faulkes - Orcs
  • 3rd Richard Heath - Force of Nature
  • 4th Justin Bermingham - Undead
I took my Force of Nature army and since we had to supply a theme put together this little comic strip. However it wasn't quite enough to sway the judges and Jonathan won best themed with his wonderful Orc army with flying chariot and huge winged slasher.

I only managed to remember to snap a single photo of my first game against Justin's Undead.


  1. Have you had a bite of the new KoW KS?

    1. Yes indeed. I have a God of War pledge. Mostly likely I'll got an abyssal Mega starter. You?

  2. Likewise. Tempted by the ogres too - but not so much their side-kicks.

  3. Oh, I dunno the idea of the red goblin blaster is cool.

  4. True - I'm just not keen on the big-nosed sculpts.