Tuesday 23 February 2021

Weekly Update #1

My posts in the past have been fairly random in their timing, posting when I get something finished or get a game played. I thought I'd try something else in addition, regular posts every Tuesday with photos of what I'm working on at that moment. Lets see where that goes...

So, right now I'm working on my 3D printed brigantine for use with Blood and Plunder and hopefully other games as well. I've just finished the base-coats. It's on to highlights and detailing next.

In the background you can also see a load of additional sailors to supplement my crews for sea-based Blood and Plunder battles.

Over on the shelf and paused a little whilst the 3D printer is working on shelves for the kitchen is a tavern from the Age of Pirates set I've mentioned before. There's a few more bits needed to be printed before that can be finished off.

The guillotine has been sat there for a couple of years now! I don't know when that will be finished.

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