Sunday 7 February 2021

More For "Blood And Plunder" - French Starter Completed

I just managed to get my French starter for Blood and Plunder completed. With the English starter in the previous post this means I'm ready to play.

I was hoping to get my first game in this weekend, but that has been impossible since the house is still in turmoil. We're having a new kitchen installed and the work is running a little late. There is no space in the house for a game and anyway I'm a little busy with various DIY tasks. Lets hope there's chance next weekend.

Here is the French force along with a Hermitage from Charlie Foxtrot which I've had ready but not built for a couple of years now. I was going to use it for Peninsular War stuff, but never got around to finishing it. Well it's finished now and has come out nicely.

I have been busy with getting even more built up. There's a load more sailors, both French and English, a brigantine, a hut, a shipwreck and a villa. 

This game better be as good as people say!