Sunday 24 January 2021

28mm Scale 3D Printed Sloop and Pirates

As you may have guessed by now I'm a bit of a fan of Printable Scenery's 3D printable models. I've already printed an elven tower, city wall, gateway and mine, but what really drew me to their models was the amazing Lost Ships range. I just couldn't find a reason to make them though...

Well eventually I gave in and found a reason. Looking around I could see that the ideal game for these is Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games. In fact it's quite obvious that the range was intended for that game specifically. (Though the fantasy models don't fit.) So I decided it was time to start collecting and hopefully playing that. 

I've bought the English and French starter sets, 25 miniatures in each and painted up the English models first. I then decided I would build my first ship before moving onto the French. I chose the Sloop as a first attempt as it was probably the most common ship for Pirates in the 17th Century and it was a simple one to do. 

Anyway, the English Pirates and Sloop are now complete, including rigging, sails and cannons.

There were also some English Caribbean Militia in the English starter set...

Apologies for the less lovely backdrop than usual, we're having a new kitchen installed and so there's no room to set anything up for photos.

So, next up is painting the French starter set, then I'll start on the Brigantine, which is currently printing behind me....


  1. Nice job!

    Where did you find a template for the sails?

    1. I made them myself.

      This was essential as I had created the mast arrangement myself. I am not that happy with the arrangements that were shown for the model originally and did some research online to find what I think is a better arrangement. I still don't think mine is the perfect arrangement. Since there are so many possible variations I doubt any are.

      Anyway, to work out the sizes, after building the masts I put a piece of paper where the sails needed to go and drew lines on it. I used these rough lines as a guide and ruled straighter ones, then cut the templates out.