Tuesday 9 July 2019

Blücher Frequently Forgotten or Misunderstood Rules

After quite a few plays of Blücher I've made quite a few mistakes with the rules. When I have identified one of these I've written it down. I have now got quite a list and thought I'd share that list.

  1. -1 in melee if attacking up-hill
  2. Infantry shooting artillery or cavalry does not receive the firepower or skirmish trait bonuses.
  3. More than one hit on an artillery unit in shooting causes it to retire, not break
  4. A unit whose path of retreat would take it even partially off the enemy’s table edge, is broken. If its path of retreat takes it off a friendly or neutral table edge, it retires.
  5. The retreat path must be the shortest legal path to reach the closest legal place where it can end. You may not artificially extend the length of a retreat move to your advantage.
  6. Always roll at least one dice in combat.
  7. Must charge "greatest threat"
  8. Difficult Move. Pivot only once, but either at beginning or end of move. However the actual move is done in any direction! So it's almost like pivoting twice!
  9. Charges are limited to a 45 degrees pivot at the start of the move. This has more effect on limiting what you can charge than you'd think. Check it!
  10. Simple move can pivot to any direction at the start of the move, not just 45 degrees. 
  11. Scharnhost - first day 3 movement points
  12. Can move and charge through friends not in contact with enemy. Remember though that charging units do have to have line of sight to the enemy they are charging.
  13. Can sit on friend until end of activation of force
  14. In Melee defender takes damage first and if destroyed attacker only takes 1 damage even if they lost the combat. This means no need to roll any dice if you attack a unit on 1 elan. They just are destroyed and the attacker takes 1 damage independent of the dice rolled. Note this is quite different if the defender is artillery.
  15. Shooting hits are resolved after all shooting is completed. Hence concealed targets are only revealed at the end of shooting and destroyed units remain on table until shooting is finished, still potentially blocking line of sight.
  16. (Extra) There's no initial pivot when retreating. The retreating unit slides in a straight line away from the enemy unit(s). Then, if passive, turns 180 degrees about it's centre point. Then: 
    • if Passive it rotates around its centre to face directly away from where it retreated from; 
    • if Active it rotates around its centre to face directly towards where it retreated from.
See here for some more Blücher mistakes...

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