Sunday 14 July 2019

6mm Napoleonic Armies on Parade

I've been quiet as regards photos of my new minis recently. I've been too busy painting!

Anyway I decided that it was time to rectify that and also time to get out all my 6mm Napoleonics and see what I've got.

Since December 2018 I've built up sizeable French, British and Russian forces for use with Blücher.

From front to back: French, Russian, British.

The most recent additions are the Italian Infantry for use with the French at Maroyaroslavets. These should also be usable in quite a few other battles. There are 2 line infantry regiments, 1 legere and 1 guard.

French, showing Italians in the foreground

Before that I have been adding to my Russians: Militia, Grenadiers, Cossacks, Hussars and lots of artillery.

Finally a close-up of my British, though I've not worked on those for a while. I really need to increase the numbers of Portuguese.

All these troops are of course from Heroics and Ros.

I have a lot more to paint yet and a whole Prussian army on order. :)


  1. Looks great! Always feels good to see all your progress together on the table.

    1. Yes... a great way to spur on to even greater achievements.. :)