Wednesday 1 May 2019

Tiny Russians

When I initially got into 6mm Napoleonics some 20+ years ago I bought some Heroics and Ros Russians in addition to my British. I'm not sure why I didn't get French... I was a bit confused about the period in those days...

Anyway, they sat in a box all that time; spent years in the loft; years on a shelf; even spent some time on Bring and Buy stalls. But somehow I never got rid of them.

So when I restarted my 6mm Napoleonics with Blücher I committed myself to getting the Russians painted as an army. I soon found I needed more than I had originally and so bought a few more from H&R.

With my French and British very much playable I have finally started work on the Russians. I have enough unpainted models to make a simple 300 point army, but I am starting first of all to get the basic troops ready for a 200 point army.

In Blücher there are only 6 unit types in the Russian army (excepting the usual 3 types of artillery) and so it's quite easy to build up. I have enough models to get to pretty much all options in the fictional army lists built up. Most of them up to their maximums.

So, first are 3 bases of line infantry.

I've based these up differently from my French and British. Russians don't have the Skirmisher ability in Blücher and have strong melee abilities instead so I've gone for two columns on the base in a cross between battalion and company formation. I've avoided the Warhammer style officer, drummer and standard in the front rank and have moved those into roughly appropriate places from what I can see on the battalion layout diagrams. With 34 models to a base I'm still working on around a figure scale of somewhere around 50 men to a model so it's all just designed to look nice anyway.

I've also created a full set of unit cards and magnetised everything for storage and play as normal.


  1. Super nice. I've got a whole pile of the old Baccus Russians kicking around. Need to paint them up.

    1. Thanks!

      You just need a really good reason. Reading War and Peace and then discovering Blucher were my reasons...

  2. Tiny, splendid, and impressive!