Friday 17 May 2019

Russian Cavalry

I'm working towards a usable 200 points Russian Blücher force. I've just finished the 4 cavalry bases needed.

There are two bases of cuirassiers and 2 bases of dragoons. Heroics and Ros only have cuirassiers in their catalogue, but on investigation I found that both cuirassiers and dragoons have almost exactly the same uniforms with different coat colours (green for dragoons and white for cuirassiers) and the addition of black cuirasses on the cuirassiers. So the cuirassiers models I have will do for both in 6mm scale. Each base is painted for a different regiment, the differences being the facings, collars, cuffs and shabraque (horse blanket).

I've also completed 6 more infantry bases.

Next will be some artillery.