Monday 8 April 2019

Blücher - Scharnhorst AAR

I wasn't going to write this one up as it seems all I've been posting recently is Blücher battle reports. However they're always great little stories and I seem to have something new added in each time.

This one was a 300 point game (the first 300 point game I've played) with British with my new Spanish Allied contingent versus French. We'd gone for Wellington and Napoleon for the CinC's and of course it was on the Peninsular map. I played the British against my son, Brendan. It was his second game and he really has the hang of it now. We had a great time!

Some of my new Spanish units

Brendan declared a battle at the start of day three. I looked at it and decided it wasn't that bad a position despite having most of my troops off the board at the start. I would have to hold on and hope my reserves arrived before Brendan's massive French force arrived.

Black lines show the battlefield chosen.

After deployment the true difficulty of my position became apparent. Even with all that difficult terrain slowing his progress this would be tough. He had a lot on the table and a lot more to come...

He started his advance...

But, just as he was starting to get into contact and really cause some problems for me, my reserves, very unexpectedly, arrived on his flank! I charged over to his artillery that had been hammering my defense and destroyed them. Victory looked assured!

But fate was fickle and his reserves arrived on the next turn... Uh-oh that's a LOT of French units!!

With the flank of my reserves suddenly under threat I really had problems as my forces were squeezed and squeezed. I needed my other reserves to arrive... They did, but too late!

In the end Brendan managed to break my force. I'd done quite a bit of damage to him in the process, but not enough. 


  1. Nice looking game...with so many fantastic French units!😁

    1. Thanks... I have a lot, lot more to paint yet as well!