Monday 11 March 2019

A couple more Blücher Games

So another two Blücher games in the last couple of days.

Yesterday's was against my 12-year-old son and he soon caught on to the rules. His strategy needs a little bit of work but that will come with experience I'm sure. It won't be long before he's giving his dad a thrashing.

For that game I'd done some work to blend the hills in with the cloth. It was better, but I still wasn't too impressed with the cloth. It was ragged at the edges and had to be taped down to top it creasing all over the place.

I prefer boards usually, so in a mad moment I decided that I would make myself some. In the end I bought three 6mm thick MDF boards from B&Q and had them cut them down to 960mm x 480mm. Together these work out to the correct board size for my 60mm wide bases. I covered them with "bitter chocolate" masonry paint from Homebase and then when dry covered with static grass and some fine ground terrain foam.

Tonight they were used for the first time against Gerald. This time we used 200 point armies with Napoleon commanding the French and Wellington the British. Using the special two CinC's actually made the game a lot quicker to play and meant that we got to a conclusion a good 40 minutes earlier than the previous game. Also it was easier to play the sides. I think in conclusion that I'll use these CinC's when teaching the game to new players.

The new boards looked great, though the static grass did come off quite a bit. I've just finished re-covering them and have absolutely saturated them with sprayed on watered-down PVA. Hopefully that will make them more resilient.

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