Thursday 24 January 2019

Terra-Formers Skirmish Board - Update 2

It's been over a week since I posted the initial photos of my Terra-formers based skirmish boards so I thought it about time I posted an update.

Things have progressed well, with one board just about complete. This definitely needs the sides painting black, but maybe also I'll add some static grass, though I'm not sure about that yet. I certainly will be adding static grass to the edges of the roads and the rivers.

Of the other boards, most now have their ground covering on them. I've been watching the videos on the Lukes APS YouTube channel which is full of helpful hints and the ground covering I've used is one straight from there: "Cheap And Easy Realistic Ground Covers That Dont Need Painting" It is very cheap and in fact cost me nothing at all since the grout was a gift.  I'm very happy with it and it lives up to Luke's recommendations.

I've been using techniques I already knew for some parts, but the flocking is very much again taken from Luke. Though rather than using his range of flocks I've had to resort to using Woodland Scenics flock since he appeared to be out-of-stock on his website whenever I looked.

The one white tile is where I have a bridge crossing the river. This will be the most complex tile so I've left it until last. I may get around to working on it next week, maybe...

My recipe for flocking has been:

  1. Base covering of slightly thinned PVA. Concentrating on the edges as Luke recommends.
  2. Add some clumpy bits of Medium Green Coarse Turf.
  3. Shake on Green Blended Turf, making sure to cover the edges well in particular.
  4. Spray 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water all over
  5. Spray watered-down PVA all over
  6. Add some clumpy bits of Dark Green Coarse Turf, lower areas
  7. Spray watered-down PVA all over
  8. Shake a fine coating of Burnt Grass Fine Turf, high areas
  9. Scatter a bit of my earth mixture on top.
  10. Spray watered-down PVA all over
A couple of notes:
  1. I think I may have overdone it with the watered-down PVA a bit. It's taken 2 days to dry out properly. I might perhaps drop step 7.
  2. I talk about lower and higher areas above, but really on this board it's pretty flat. It'll be more important on the other boards.
Edit: After posting this blog entry I went on and did some more. A bit more work on the ground covering on the two river boards and the flocking on the other three plain boards including the hill pieces. 

The PVA is still rather wet and white! I'm sure after I come back from my weekend away it'll have dried.

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