Sunday 20 January 2019

Songs of Drums and Shakos. First Try

Today saw us playing our first Napoleonic skirmish using the Songs of Drums and Shakos ruleset. I was using my new French force and Ed brought along his "Chosen Men" of the 95th Rifles.

The game was set in my medieval city, suitably modified to remove the too medieval or fantastical elements. It's the only 3'x3' table I have at the moment so was the obvious choice. The scenario was a simple meeting engagement with victory to the side that managed to break the opposition.

The game started with the British advancing carefully in cover. The French were disadvantaged by having started in the dockyard and were quite broken up and unable to really organise themselves for the first few turns.

The initial rifle shots were deadly accurate and took out my poor drummer boy and standard bearer. After that though the British struggled to get any rifles loaded. In the end I managed to get my guys together and dispatch several of the rifles. However we took quite a few casualties.

As the numbers of soldiers on each side dropped rapidly morale suffered and in the end all we had left was a few men each. Those last few ended the game in a small brawl with one rifleman on the floor valiantly fending off two French infantrymen for several turns whilst the British officer (Sharpe) cut down a conscript Frenchman to finish the game in a British victory.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the game and will be painting up some more troops for a re-fight. Hopefully that will be on the new skirmish boards I'm making.

French troops arrive by boat in the dockyard.

They advance slowly out of the dockyard into the city.

Someone keeps shooting our soldiers from somewhere in those buildings...

Aha! There's a British officer!!

The French form a ragtag line formation to try to deal with the last few British...

We have them now!!

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