Sunday 8 January 2017

The Forces of the Abyss grow

A few weeks ago I posted photos of the first unit of my Forces of the Abyss army for Kings of War.

Over Christmas and the new year I've been busy mostly working on items for my re-enacting hobby, a Boer War uniform and restoring a vintage bicycle. However I have found a bit of time inbetween all that to paint up 3 more units for the Abyssals.

The first unit was a regiment of Flame Bearers. These are based off the same sprue that the Lower Abyssals I painted last time and I've again put them on a base lit with flickering LEDs, see the video at the end of the post.

The second, which I actually painted at the same time is a Harbinger of the Abyss. I saw these as being the Abyssal army's equivalent to an Army Standard Bearer so I have built it up just as that. I decided to use some more flickering LEDs to make some rather precariously balanced fires at the top of the standard. I initially used conductive paint to get the electricity up the banner pole, but this proved to be very troublesome and in the end I used normal wire wound up around the pole. The pole itself being the return path.

Finally I just completed a troop of Hellhounds. I had three of these from the Dungeon Saga kickstarter and managed to obtain 2 more from elsewhere. I decided not to multibase these as I may need them for Dungeon Saga in the future however Dungeon Saga has a smaller base size from Kings of War for these models and so I based them up for Dungeon Saga and put some fillers in.

They're all the same model, but being relatively randomly placed I don't think that's a problem. If I ever get some of the Kings of War metal versions to supplement these I will be able to mix them together,