Tuesday 31 January 2017


Continuing with the Abyssal army, next up is two troops of Gargoyles.

These models from Mantic are normally balanced precariously on little pillars, which looks okay, if a little silly. I wanted to see what I could do to improve that.

Since I have been semi-embracing multi-basing with this army I thought since Gargoyles are a Gothic architecture thing perhaps I should have them flying over a Gothic ruin built from blocks from my Gothic Hirst Arts moulds.

I painted them on their little pillars in the same basic scheme used on all my above-ground Hirst Arts terrain and then cut them off the pillars before gluing them in place flying over the ruins of a church wall.

Although I normally dislike buildings and other large structures on movement trays, I think this works rather well.


  1. They look great Richard, the ruins work well and the whole army comes together nicely :-)

    1. Thanks! There's still quite a few more units to complete yet. So far that's about 1200 points and I have well over 2000 to go.

    2. Look forward to seeing the whole army in future :-)