Friday 25 March 2016

Ogre Berserker Braves, Warlock and Red Goblin Blaster

This month my painting oath was smaller than I originally planned. This was due to becoming rather obsessed with doing a project with a Raspberry Pi Zero. However I didn't give up completely and did in fact get a bit done for Kings of War.

The completed models are a regiment of Berserker Braves, a Warlock to go with them and a Red Goblin Blaster. The first two work together in the rules, the last one is a an option in the Ogre army that is rarely if ever taken as it tends to be a two edged sword... A wagon loaded up with explosives becomes a major target for enemy shooting and is likely to do more damage to it's own units than the enemy. I just had to have such a silly unit in my collection. I expect it'll only get used in the big games!


  1. Smashing painting Richard, love the berserker braves. Loads of character in the blaster, can it not hide behind an ogre unit to avoid fire or is it too big? (don't know stats of hand)

    1. Thanks!

      Unfortunately the blaster is height 3! The ogres are only height 2, so the blaster can be seen over them.

      A solution might be to have a mammoth as cover instead. :)