Sunday 6 March 2016

Hammerhead Kings of War Big Game 2016

Another show... another Kings of War big game. We're getting quite experienced at this now.

7 players on a 14 foot x 6ft table, approx 14,500 points each side. Setup began at 8am and we'd packed up and left by 5pm. 6 turns were played in total.

At the end of their turn 6, Good had 4 objectives to Evil's none with 3 contested. By the end of their turn 6, evil had made it a 2-2 draw still with 3 objectives contested.

The game was a very mobile one with objectives in both side's rears being taken or contested.

Stars of the game were Martin's Reaper Bones Bone Giant

and Andy's Zulus complete with Zebra Centaurs and Rhino Riders.

Next stop... Salute.

(BTW, I just updated the Big Game Rules that we use for these games... they were a little out of date.)

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