Thursday 11 February 2016

Vapnartak Big Kings of War Game 2016

Last Sunday we (COGS) put on a huge Kings of War game at the Vapnartak wargames show in York.

This had almost 15,000 points of fully painted models per side from 8 people's collections. The models were from loads of different manufacturers with some scratch built and some conversions. There were 11 players taking part.

Some of the models before deployment
The game took place on a 14ft x 6ft table and was an objective marker game similar to Pillage with 9 objectives on the table. We used the Big Game Rules with a change in that deployment was a simultaneous free-for-all after the Patrol Phase had been completed.

On one flank a combined force of Orcs, Undead and Twlight Kin decimated the Elves until only the Elf King's court remained.

Two Dwarf armies and a Nature force held the centre against Kings of men and more Twilight Kin.

On the other flank a combined force of Ogres and Kings of Men destroyed more Undead and a Goblin army.

By turn 6 Evil had taken 4 of the objectives, with good holding 2. The remaining 3 were contested. All agreed to play a 7th turn as we had time.

That was to be a bad decision for Evil as the objectives changed hands. Good ended with 4, Evil 3 and just 2 remained contested.

Victory for the forces of Good!

We'll be running another huge Kings of War game at Hammerhead on Saturday 5th March.

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