Thursday 11 February 2016

Greater Fire Elemental

I've just completed the last of my greater elementals for my Kings of War army. This one is the Greater Fire Elemental. It's the Reaper Bones model and I had the idea that it could be lit from inside. 

A while ago I got hold of some flickering LED tea-lights from Poundland and set about working out how to get one inside. I soon found this article showing one way that it could be done and decided I could do even better. 

I sourced some small battery holders for CR1216 batteries and a very small switch and hollowed out the model to take two of the Poundland LEDs. To get the upper one in place I actually cut the body of the model in two and then glued it back together.

After a quick dry-brush and my usual basing technique it's ready for play.

Of course the still image above can't really give the model to it's best. So here's a video.

And here's the underside. I've potted it with milliput to protect the wiring during game play.

The underside, showing battery holder and switch.

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