Thursday 4 February 2016

Kings of War - Forest Shamblers

I've been running Forest Shamblers for some time now in both my Kings of War Elf and Nature armies. They generally very good with Vanguard, Pathfinder, reasonable defence and attack and the ability to be Surged into flanks.

Old Metal GW Dryads have been working fine for them and fit my concept well. However when the 2nd Kings of War Kickstarter was running Mantic decided it was time for them to produce some proper/official models for them. I included 6 in my pledge.

Initially when the pictures appeared I was not sure I liked them (this seems to happen a lot with Mantic models) but now I have finished painting them I really, really like them, the detail is great and they fit the fluff brilliantly

I think when they finally become available at retail (they are at retail) I'll be getting another 6 and my Dryads will be converted to be Hunters of the Wild. However until then I will mix the models up in my shambler hordes. I think they go together rather well!


  1. Forest Shamblers have been available under the Elf range since July.

    1. I had actually gone and looked in the store before posting that as well! Shows how perceptive I am. Well I do need glasses these days...