Sunday 26 July 2015

Wars of the Roses progress and other projects

So I just completed Edward IV and a unit of Billmen taking me to this:

I'm not sure whether to paint the next Bows, Bills and Men at Arms also in the royal livery or whether to move over to one of the other lords I have Hastings or Fauconberg.

Anyway, before I get on with that the Coastal Castle project has had me looking at Langton's Napoleonic Naval again. I found some I have had in their packets for 20 years and started them off.

The ship in the back is one I completed 20 years ago.

But then to top things off we have a Necromunda campaign planned at COGS and being a newb to the game I have needed to get myself a gang. Rather than the old GW models I was drawn to Heresy Miniatures' Sci-Fi Gangers, which are perfect to be used as Delaque. So far all I've got done is build them up...


  1. Great looking bunch, do you use them for Imputus or other rules?


    1. So far they've not been used for anything, but the plan is to be flexible, hence being based up on fairly standard 20mmx20mm bases.

      Most likely the first game they'll be used with is Lion Rampant as that doesn't need so many models. Then as the numbers increase I'll use the with Kings of War, first in the fantasy setting and then hopefully with the historical rules.

      Of course if other rules come along then they'll be able to be used with them as required.

  2. Great painting Richard. Love the golden armour.