Saturday 8 October 2022

DBA 3.0 Beyond Rebasing - Part 1 : Camps and Hamlets

I've pretty much completed all the straight forward rebasing I can do as I've done all the armies I had. I am currently painting up some additional models to make a Classical Indian army, but in the mean time I've been sorting out a few camps.

I hadn't really ever built any camps before, but I did have some baggage mules and carts for use with DBM. I have put those to good use along with some 3D printed tents, Celtic round-houses and a rather nice model of Troy. I have also added a few camp follower elements to the various armies

I may have gone a little overboard with the number of camps I have available now.

I also found that the middle-eastern buildings fit well onto one of my Blucher town bases, so I've made another of those and added some more round-houses. These will work as Hamlets in the DBA rules and The buildings can moved around and removed to make play through them easy.

I have also printed out a large version of Troy that came with the small camp version. This will be ideal to use as an ancient city in the DBA rules. More on that in a later post, hopefully...

And finally, in order to reduce the amount of flipping through the rule-book required I've made a few army cards. The less dense format of these makes it a lot easier to work out what can and should be in each army that I own, without distraction/confusion with other armies I merely want to own.

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