Sunday 10 July 2022

DBA 3.0 Rebasing - Part 1 : Graeco-Bactrian and Graeco-Indian

After, more years than I'd rather think about I'm starting to play DBA again. With this in mind I'm rebasing my old DBA 2.0 armies off their hand-cut cardboard bases onto accurate 3D printed bases. I'm also re-organising them properly and with that in mind I thought I'd catalogue the different armies I can put together.

First up is my Graeco-Bactrians (Bactrian Greek in DBA 2.0 terms). There are two styles to this army, mixed and all cavalry. First up the mixed options:

With 4Kn (cataphracts) and 4Ax option

With 3Kn (Iranian lancers) and 4Ax option

With 3Kn (Iranian lancers) and 3Ax option

With 4Kn (cataphracts) and 3Ax option

And the all cavalry version:

Next up is my Graeco Indian army. I actually never got around to completing this back in DBA 2 days. I've had to paint up the Indian cavalry. There are a few options with this as well:

With Cv and 4Bw option

With LH and 4Bw option

With LH and 3Bw option

With Cv and 3Bw option

I can field these both together and they are aggressors against each other.

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