Sunday 20 September 2020

Tower Aeternus - 3D Printed

When I first started 3D printing I looked around at what was available to print. There's quite a lot out there and a lot of it is free. However some of the better bits are paid for items and I was drawn to the collection of models on Printable Scenery. I've been slowly building items from their OpenLock collection, including the tower I completed a couple of months ago, which is the start of a much larger castle project.  However there's a lot on the site that is not OpenLock.

Having quite an extensive Mantic Elf army I was drawn to their Elven terrain collection and decided that I had to print at least one of the items from that. Thinking this may be the only item I'd print from that I decided I might as well go big and choose the largest building, the Tower Aeturnus

I bought the STL files for this back in late June and have been printing it since then. It's a big model with a lot of detail and I've had a lot of stress getting it finished. I had initial success and then for a while my printer was failing to print any of it. This was due to me installing a very poor steel nozzle, which I replaced in mid august and since then I've been able to print things properly again. I managed to finish printing the model a couple of weeks ago.

I've just finished it off and now it's time for a few photos!

My Mantic Elf Army loves it's new tower.

The Elf Prince can now see the enemy from afar.

In Middle Earth, Galadriel and Celeborn also see the advantages of the tower.

There's a fair bit of internal detail visible from the outside.

The tower breaks into 4 pieces to allow
 access inside and easier transportation.

The tower really is huge and dwarfs all my giants
even the huge (unpainted) Mantic Giant.

Looking at how well this has come out I may have to do something else from the range... though at some point I have to print some of their historic ships!

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