Wednesday 13 November 2019

Blücher: Peninsular battle on my second folding board

Now my Russian army is completed I've been working on updating my British army to use the casualty and artillery ammo markers rather than cards with dry erase pens.

Tonight was the first time out for it and we played a 200 point game with our Quick Scharnhorst house rules.

The setup ended up with both British and French ending up with VP objectives, though I realise now that this situation shouldn't really have happened with the version of rules I'd come up with. Anyway, I've adjusted them a bit.

The game was fun though, with a limited amount of time in the day we got it finished within the time allowed and thought after we'd already starting packing up that this would have been a great time to try a 2 day game. i.e. keep the terrain layout and army condition for another night's gaming. We'll have to work out details on how to do that next time.

Anyway, here are a few photos...

The board we used was my second folding board. The design is basically the same as the pasting-table conversion I made for Vyazma, but this one is designed specifically with Scharnhorst in mind. I had MDF cut so that the board is exactly the right size for Scharnhorst and put lines marking the table sections on the edges. The board is flat so that terrain can be placed as needed in the game.

The hinges and handle are from an existing damaged pasting table I've had for a very long time.

A board is strapped over the gap when it's folded for transport.


  1. What a great idea. I'm even imagining the potential of having it all magnetised!

    1. The problem with magnetisation will be that as soon as there is any gap between the magnets, for instance with ground cover, then the strength of the bond will reduce massively.

      Also since the board will often be moved or stored in a vertical position anything attached will likely slide down.

      Also a sharp hit to the side will make everything stuck on fall straight off.

    2. Good point. I guess you would have to magnetise the bottom of scenery, and make it from thin metal also, and just paint rather than using flock which wouldn't look as good.

    3. Yes. Though it would help stop things moving around during game-play. But to be honest a little bit of blu-tac would do that!

  2. Great board !! Congrats !!.
    Whats the board size? and the stands you use for blucher?

    1. Bases are 6cm x 3cm (so 1BW = 6cm).

      Board size is standard for Blucher/Scharnhorst at 24BW x 16BW. Each of the 6 sections is 8BW x 8BW. So in total it's 144cm x 96cm. (plus a little extra for the borders)

      It fits in the boot of my car perfectly. :)