Friday 22 February 2019

New cloth for 6mm Napoleonics

I've been using (or at least planning on using) my tried and trusted, and rather old, Games Workshop static grass cloth for the base for my Blücher games. Thing is though the bright green uniform colour contrasted a little too much at the scale. Also it's too big for the base-width I'm using of 6cm, ideally I should have a table 16x24 (in base-widths), so 96cm x 144cm. Around 5ft x 3ft instead of 6ft x 4ft.

Looking around I've seen many different solutions to the tabletop. I wanted for the moment to try something quite inexpensive. After a while I found somewhere where I could get some felt the right size and at a reasonable price, just under £10.

It arrived today and since it's been a lovely day and I've been off work I thought I'd get on with colouring it. It's had various paints rollered onto it and sprayed on. I wasn't really sure whether I'd got the colour right. I'm still not 100% sure, but I don't think it's terrible.

What does everyone else think? Has this been a success?

Edit: I used this page as a guide Steven's Balagan - Making a Wargaming Terrain Mat / Base Cloth and I bought the felt from here: Craft Fabrics UK. The colour was "Teddy".


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    1. Cool... I've had a lot of positive comments. Not one negative so far. :) Thanks!