Wednesday 18 July 2018

After Gaslands at Barrage Wargames Show

Ok... so it's been a couple of weeks... I will attempt to catch up with what has been going on in a few posts...

First up is the Barrage Wargames Show Gaslands Game. This went brilliantly. Very popular indeed on a ludicrously hot day. The game is perfectly suited to a participation game and the rolling deathmatch style worked excellently.

We added a rule that you could come onto the board in any legal Gear rather than being limited to 1st Gear only, but would start with a Hazard for each Gear above Gear 1. So you could join in straight away with the action in Gear Phase 3 by accepting 2 Hazards.

We had a chap videoing his experience playing the game. It's on Youtube here: "Barrage Wargames Show 2018 Stafford"

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