Sunday 12 November 2017

Pegasus Knight

I'm really very pleased how this has come out...

It's a Pegasus Knight for use with my Kings of War - Wars of the Roses army that I've been working on. The first of the fantasy elements. The idea is that this army will be usable both in historical games and fantasy ones.

The model itself is one of the Fireforge Pegasus Knights but with a Perry Wars of the Roses Knight rider on it. The hand-painted heraldry is based on that of the Charles the Bold of Burgundy, Edward IV's brother-in-law. Future additions to the army will consist of Burgundian pike-men, hand gunners and crossbowmen, so Charles makes a good leader. I'll probably also do some other fantasy elements for the Burgundians. I like the idea that Edward has brought in strange foreign beasts to help him.