Saturday 4 November 2017

120 Gun French Napoleonic Ship 1/1200

With more games of Fighting Sail expected soon I decided it was time to get the last ship of my French fleet completed.

She's a 120 gun 1st Rate ship from Langton's. I do love putting these together, they're quite a bit of effort, but the effort put in really is rewarded well with the final product.

This was the first ship I built according to the guidelines in the assembly guide that Langton's sell on their website. Previously I'd been following a article from a very, very, very old wargames magazine.

I also spent some extra time researching it online. I'm really pleased with how this one has come out.

My entire fleet...

Next up is some Spanish...


  1. Absolutly wonderful, incredible details...and I love these two little ships on the right, so cute!

  2. Thanks Phil! Unfortunately the 2 gun boats can't be used in Fighting Sail... But they were too cute not to paint up. :)

  3. About to start my first of about 6 Langtons (RN) and I must admit I am a bit hesitant to get started. Any tips?

    1. Just take your time. I use PVA rather than super glue. Be careful with your knots. Let the glue dry before completely snipping off loose ends.

    2. Make sure your knife is very sharp. I also use small sewing scissors.

  4. Thanks for the tips Richard! Still haven't started but did get inspired after our Fighting Sail games this week: