Sunday 25 September 2016

Frostgrave 4-way game. City Ready for Derby!

With Derby World Wargames coming up next weekend, the city making has been going at full steam, as you will have seen in the previous blog posts.

Today I was lucky enough to have arranged to have a game with my friend Ed and his son Henry. Along with my son, we made it a 4-way game of Frostgrave in the city so far.

There's very little more to be done to it now, though I do have another building in progress at the moment.

Anyway, it was a great game. We used the teleporter disc scenario and as a result it was complete mayhem. High points of the battle were Henry managing to Mind Control several soldiers, Ed spraying all around him with a scatter shot, Brendan's Templar putting paid to Ed's wizard some time later and the rather scary grenades that my Enchanter liked throwing.

Remember that we'll be at Derby World Wargames at Donington Park Saturday and Sunday next weekend if you want to play. Bring your own (painted) warband or borrow one of the ones we'll have ready made.


  1. That's a great board. Saw the link of the TTcombat page.

    1. Same for me, from TTcombat. Awesome table !