Tuesday 18 August 2015

Wars of the Roses progress

With another troop of men at arms, the cannon and the army standard bearer complete my Yorkist force is starting to come together.

In Kings of War terms I have:
  • Foot Guard Troop - 95 pts
  • Foot Guard Troop - 95 pts
  • Pole-Arms Block Regiment - 100 pts
  • Bowmen Regiment - 100 pts
  • Cannon - 85 pts
  • General on Horse - 120 pts.
A total of 595 pts. So quite a way off the 2500pts for a tournament army! But then I do have plenty of allies I could use.

In Lion Rampant terms I have:
  • Foot Men at Arms - 6 pts
  • Foot Men at Arms - 6 pts
  • Foot Men at Arms - 6 pts
  • Expert Foot Sergeants - 6 pts
  • Expert Archers - 6 pts
A total of 30 points, plenty for a Lion Rampant game. I'd probably drop one of the Foot Men at Arms units for a total of 24 points. I really need a general on foot. There's one from the Perry's plastics Men at Arms I can use.

Next up with these will be some more bowmen as well as that foot general I think. But before then I have some other stuff that requires attention.

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