Sunday 30 August 2015

Necromunda Gang

So, Steve said... "Lets play Necromunda".

Well it's a fairly old game, but one I've only ever heard good things about. Plus I've had the actual rulebook for sometime now. I think I picked it up on a bring and buy for a couple of quid.

So I agreed. He lent me his rulebook, and I realised I didn't have everything I needed. So I obtained the "Sourcebook" as well for a reasonable price off ebay.

Then I looked around at models. There's plenty of Necromunda gangs on ebay, but I decided to also look at alternative models. I considered using my Deadzone models and my old 40K Imperial Guard, but wasn't entirely convinced. Which is when I found this page.

This then lead me to Heresy Miniatures and their Sci-Fi Gangers. Despite not saying a word about Necromunda on their page, I could see these were an almost perfect match for the Necromunda Delaque gang. They even had "Juves", although they called them "Noobs". The price for a while put me off, but the quality and dynamism of the sculpts eventually drew me in. (Plus the realisation that compared with the going rate for old GW gangs they weren't far off.)

Anyway with the first game about 8 days away now I finally got them finished off. These are just the models for the starting gang. I have about the same number again to build and paint as the campaign progresses.


  1. A great campaign game that has stood the test of time - you going to really enjoy it.

  2. Very characterful figures, sir. Hopefully you will have a wonderful time running them.

    -- Jeff