Saturday 20 June 2015

Wars of the Roses

So, that's one current project mentioned and now complete. The Son Bridge game is tomorrow!

In the mean time I've been busy with my next project: Wars of the Roses. I've jumped on the band wagon with the Perry War of the Roses Plastics, and I'm really glad I did. These are by far the nicest plastic soldiers I have ever worked with! The detail is gobsmacking!

With War of the Roses you have two choices really Yorkist or Lancastrians.  Being from a Yorkshire family I couldn't resist choosing the Yorkist side. Looking through the possible forces within that I decided on a force for Edward IV.

The first few units will be Edward's retinue then I plan to make some of his allies, maybe Faulconberg or Hastings. To this end I purchased some of the Citadel 6 decals for the livery badges. I must say I'm in two minds about these. Although the artwork is excellent, they are rather thick and the paint chips off on them very easily. For the cost I'm sorry to say that they're not really worth it. With improved materials I'd be buying in bulk, but I suspect I may have to move to hand painted, which I did for a couple of the partially obscured badges on these.

I started looking at building this army when playing some Warhammer Ancient Battles last year, however after a couple of games I soon became disappointed with the clunkiness of the rules and the tendency for power-gaming. I looked elsewhere. First of all at War and Conquest, one of the natural successors to WaB. I haven't actually played that one yet, but still rather fancy it. I also looked at DBA.

In the end though I expect the games this force will be used first with Lion Rampant and then secondly with Kings of War as it gets big enough, first as a fantasy force and then hopefully with the Historical version of the rules that has been rumoured to be in development. Whatever happens because of the generic basing I've used I should be able to use it in a wide range of games.


  1. These would go great with the ruleset being launched on kick starter next week - 'the Shattered Crown' - an Arthurian-inspired world featuring medieval soldiery and magic.

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    1. Not really something I'm that bothered about to be honest.