Subsequent Days of Battle in Blücher

If battle finishes with no definite winner due to the end of day or when running out of time for play then, either side may ask for a second day of battle.

If they do, then:

  1. Keep track of damage caused to all units.
  2. Record (with photos) terrain setup 
  3. Sections of battlefield will be under control of the player with the majority of units in those sections. If it’s close in a section then neither have control.
  4. Routed units may not take part in the following day of battle, all other units may take part.
  5. All Artillery has it’s ammo refreshed to the maximum, including retired ones.
  6. All units have the amount of damage on them reduced to half, rounding up. So a unit with 6 Elan and 3 Damage, making effectively 3 Elan at end of day, will have 2 Damage in the morning and so 4 Elan.
  7. Re-organise remaining units into columns as per normal Scharnhorst setup.
  8. The player who asked to continue is the attacker for the next day, or roll off if not sure.
  9. The players alternate placing columns in table sections they control. More than one column can be deployed in each table section, starting with the attacker. All columns must be placed on table.
  10. Any columns that didn’t make it to the edge of the table in the previous day, i.e. didn’t even become potential reinforcements may then be placed as reinforcements in the usual way, starting with the attacker. This obviously does not apply if playing Quick Scharnhorst.
  11. Attacker then deploys units followed by the defender. Attacker has first turn. All units are concealed at the start as normal.
  12. Victory conditions will be the same as the previous day. Losses in previous days count against the total for army breaking as they would have on that previous day.

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