Saturday 22 June 2024

More bits for my Kings of War Salamanders

I just completed the Phoenix for my Kings of War Salamanders ready for trying it out at COGS. I realised that I had not posted photos of my other recent units, so here they are.

First up is of course the Phoenix. This is one hell of a model to paint. All those flames and then the feathers. It's so huge that it really is important to get it right for the army. I didn't want this one to ruin the look of the rest of the army.

I looked around the net and decided to go for red feathers with black highlights like they are burned at the edges. The flames are my usual recipe, but with extra white highlights where they meet the bird itself to make it seem even hotter. The teddy bear filling highlighted again with black, covers up what I think is the weakest part of the model, where it meets the ground and makes it look a bit more like its flying.

The Mage Priest is a wonderful sculpt and a good model in the army. A spell caster with Inspiring built-in is not the usual in Kings of War. It has a good selection of spells and I'd consider more than one of these, but Mantic only do one model! With such a dynamic model I just could not run with two the same! Come on Mantic!

The Lekelidon is another superb model. I loved painting this one... A nice bit of cheap chaff he's going to have to fight with my froggies for a place in the army most of the time though.

I'd always intended to do a horde of Ceremonial Guard, but in the end I only really have space for a regiment. I stuck with my original plan though of having them lined up as if on parade... I selected only the parts that would allow this and left the more dynamic bits for other units.

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