Wednesday 20 March 2024

Star Wars Armada

Years ago, before Covid, I used play a bit of Star Wars Armada. Not much, just a bit. 

Anyway, recently we've started playing it at COGS. I've been supplying most of the stuff for it as most of the players are new to it and the game is now harder to find and often expensive.

A little while ago I bought the Corellian campaign pack as it was cheap and realised that if we were to play it then I'd need more ships. This lead me to investigate into 3D printing ships for the game. There's quite a few designs for free online and with both resin and filament printers I printed a few out. 

It soon became obvious that really I needed some original ships as well to copy the base cards from and other components and so I started looking at what was available to buy cheap. This lead to some bargains, which lead to more bargains. 

Then the terrain had to be 3D printed and finally I thought I better get all those squadrons painted.

Anyway, now I have enough I think... though I do have a couple more ships in the post yet... one of those is very. very large.

All the squadrons in the photo are proper ones. The ships on the black bases are the ones I've 3D printed.

Oh and I should have mentioned this before... but we won best overall participation game at Hammerhead again...

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