Wednesday 17 August 2022

DBA 3.0 Rebasing - Part 2 : Ancient British and Marian Roman

The first armies I bought for DBA 1.0 were Marian Romans (Minifigs) and Ancient Britons (Essex). I remember vividly crouching in the old wargames shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh choosing them from the available selection. I bought them as a pair so I'm really unsure why they are from different manufacturers. 

Anyway this second rebasing exercise has been to bring these up to date as the old cardboard bases were very tired. I've not repainted them or repaired them at all.

First up are the Ancient British. These I've always liked. Three chariots, some cavalry, psiloi and a few warband.

The Marian Romans, on the other hand, I detest. The minifig sculpts are very poor. They were poor back in the '90s, never mind now. Also the metal is unbelievably soft. That broken lance was broken and lost years ago and I can't be bothered to repair it. I'm very tempted to buy a new Roman army from Essex to replace this, probably Early Imperial Roman. I thing EIR was what I really wanted anyway instead of these. That may have to wait a bit though.

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