Wednesday 7 August 2019

Custom board for The Battle of Vyazma 1812 - Part 2

I've now finished applying the paint to the board.

The base coat was Bitter Chocolate masonry paint. The roads were then painted on with Vallejo Beasty Brown and afterwards the whole thing dry brushed in the same colour. After that further dry-brushes were applied: 50/50 Beasty Brown & Pale Sand; followed by Pale Sand on it's own. The roads got an extra dry brush of Pale Sand to bring them out further. This colour scheme is exactly the same as I use on almost all my miniature bases, so everything should match in well.

The river started with a coat of Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, highlighted with Medium Blue and then the same with a Light Sea Grey mixed in. I know river's don't tend to look so blue, but I prefer it... I've tried muddy brown and I think it looks too dull for a wargames table in the smaller scales.

The inner edge of the board was then painted with Light Sea Grey.

Next will be the application of static grass. I'll use my War World Scenics Pro Micro Static Grass Applicator. I want to go for a blend of grass, with different shades mixed in, rather like my boards. With those it was done with a layering spray of PVA, but I'm not sure how that is going to work when there are bits of the board I really, really don't want static grass on... I will have to have a think before starting.

Anyway, some photos...


  1. This is looking great
    How about using cellophane as the masking medium ?
    This article tells you the idea

    1. Sounds like a clever method. But looks a little complex and time-consuming. I don't think I need such a water-tight seal in this case... Still it's given me ideas. Thanks!

    2. I think I'll try the Vallejo Masking Fluid I bought for use with my airbrushing and didn't get around to using!