Friday 7 September 2018

Habour 1/1200. Napoleonic Naval, etc... Part 1

About 3 years ago I built myself a piece of coastline with a castle on it for use with 1/1200 Naval games, including Man O'War and Fighting Sail.

Soon after completing that I decided I enjoyed doing it so much that I'd make an extra bit of coast which could be used with the first to make a large island or separately on the edge of a sea board. I decided that I really wanted to try a harbour this time. I ordered some buildings and harbour walls from Langtons and then did nothing with them for 3 years.

Finally I've got around to starting work on it. Things are progressing well with the basic structure in place. The buildings are all just placed in position at the moment as I keep thinking I need more. I did a second order to Langtons and at the moment have an order with Brigade Models for even more. I hope they mix in all right!

I have added in some boats and a brig to populate the harbour. Here's what I have right now. Remember all the buildings and ships, etc, are just placed on at the moment. I will paint them all before gluing on.

Work in progress shots:

Initial Harbour plan

Planning the hardboard cutting

Polystyrene and hardboard cut and glued

Harbour glued in place

Fill in the town street area

Try out placement before deciding more buildings were needed, again!