Thursday 28 December 2017

Terraforming Mars

Something a little different.

I occasionally play boardgames as well as wargames. There's so many of these available now it's hard to keep track and I usually find that someone else at the club has bought the a game before me, so to be honest I just don't. However I do sometimes root around in Boardgame Geek to see what the latest thing is.

One recent game that got my interest was Terraforming Mars. It went out of print for a while but when it started to be restocked I bought a copy. The thing about Terraforming Mars is though it's pretty it's not amazingly pretty. Unlike with some games the effort seems to have gone into the game itself and not the look of it. This has given me chance to improve on that look in particular the tiles.

I'd seen various 3d printer versions of the tiles and then someone's own hand made items. So I looked in my bits box and found that the hexes I used in my Dreadball pitch which I made before starting this blog, were exactly the same size as the Terraforming Mars hexes and I had loads left over. This made my mind up.

I first created the sea, city and greenery tiles and we've been using those for a while now. Over the Christmas break I've extended the collection to include all the special tiles. Now I just need to get another game in...


  1. Not heard of the game before Richard but your set certainly makes me want to find out more. Thanks for posting and happy New Year :-)

    1. It's one of the "best" games around at the moment. It's #6 on the Boadgame Geek ranking page.