Sunday 13 November 2016

Post Mill and Wealdon House

My son and daughter bought me a couple of MDF kits for Father's Day this year. With all the Hirst Arts excitement recently they've sat unmade since then. However with the Hirst Arts stuff slowing down I finally got around to completing them.

The kits were actually bought at Salute from Timeline miniatures and are their Post Mill and Wealdon House. Both are great models as they come, but I thought I'd improve them a bit.

With the Wealdon House this meant adding the roof tiles to match my other half-timbered MDF buildings. Being made of thin card roughly cut and glued on with PVA putting these on is a really simple and quick way to improve the roofs which always seem to be a weak point on MDF buildings. I also put some Hirst Arts blocks in as the firepit rather than using the piece of MDF that had been supplied with the kit.

With the Post Mill however I had bigger plans. I've motorised the sails, applied coffee stirrers to improve the outside of the mill and added canvas to the sails.

These are fairly generic medieval models so can be used in Kings of War, Frostgrave, Lion Rampant or any other medieval historical or fantasy game so will get a lot of use I'm sure.

Since making the windmill I have found a far better solution to the motorization. I have added one of these motors. Found on eBay with the title: "DC 6V 12V 8-16RPM Long Shaft Turbine Worm Gear Motor Slow Reduction Gear Box". The motor is fixed direct to the inside wall of the windmill and the shaft cut down to size.


  1. Great stuff Richard, love the interior of the wealdon house :-)

    1. Yes I do like to have buildings you can move around in.