Sunday 26 June 2016

"There are some who call me... Tim"

Like many I've been a massive fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail since I first saw it back in 1990. So when I saw the Medieval Mayhem range from Studio Miniatures I had to have a few.

Having been caught out by scale creep issues previously from various manufacturers I wasn't about to plump for much from them, so instead I thought I'd just get the one miniature to test the scale. I decided to go for their "The Sorcerer" miniature, which has slightly more than a passing resemblance to Tim the Enchanter, one of my favourite characters from the film.

Well I've just finished him and I'm very happy indeed. The detail is crisp and the sculpting excellent and in proportion.

He'll fit in fine next to my Perry War of the Roses or my dark ages miniatures, Crusader Norman as an example. Both pictured below.

And with an old Citadel Brettonian crossbowman.

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