Thursday, 6 July 2017

Some new Hirst Arts bits

A while back I posted some work-in-progress shots of my latest Hirst Arts creations. Well I actually finished them a month or so back, but have only just got around to photoing them.

First is the octagonal tower. This is an exact copy of the one on the Hirst Arts site, following the guide on there. I did it in order to get used to using the octagonal tower mould before using it for other projects. I added in an internal staircase as suggested on the Hirst Arts site.

As well as this I also made some more dungeon pieces. These should now mean I can make a 3ft x 3ft dungeon without having to use any of the Master Maze bits.

I'll be using these new pieces with the rest of the stuff when we're running our Frostgrave games at the Barrage Wargames Show this coming Sunday in Stafford.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Kings of War Update

A few new models for Kings of War...

Bael for my Abyssals. I'll use him as the Lord of Lies.

Also some extra Efreets and an Abyssal Champion.

I did also paint an additional Lower Abyssal Horde, but that's much the same as the other one so I've not bothered to include it.

Also there's this chap. An Ogre Robin Hood from the ROBIN show in Nottingham this year. An excellent limited edition free resin model. I think I'll use him as a Boomer Sergeant. I think he fits in fine with the Mantic Ogres.

Deadzone/Warpath Plague Update

... two months passes... no posts...



I have been doing things, just not as much as I was. You see I have another hobby, re-enacting and that has been taking my time up. Mostly in this case working on vintage bicycles... But that's not what this blog is about and so I'll not say more.

Anyway, I have not completely rested on my laurels. I have done some painting and gaming as always... I just haven't been posting about it. So now it's time to catch up.

First up is my Plague... nope... I'm not ill! My Plague army for Deadzone has been growing into what I hope will be a usable force for Warpath & Firefight. I've still got loads to do, but the photos below show a few of the new models. New 3rd gen troopers, zombies, aberration and a strider have been added...

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hirst Arts in Progress

I've been busy creating with the Hirst Arts moulds again.

Some more dungeon sections and an octagonal tower are in progress...

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Frostgrave at Salute - Debrief

Last weekend at Salute we put on our Frostgrave participation games. Jeff, Steve and Andy worked like troopers all day helping me demo games and talking to members of the public. We were waxing lyrical about Frostgrave, Hirst Arts blocks, MDF terrain, various miniatures both old and new, and even Kings of War for a while.

It was a great success with some very kind comments, especially appreciated was the thanks from the author of Frostgrave himself, Joseph A. McCullough for making his game look so good. I of course thanked him in turn for writing it in the first place!

I also had chance to play with the little blue-tooth camera I acquired recently, a Podo, and many of the photos below were taken with this tiny device that could fit inside the boards. Unfortunately it's focus is not ideal for photos like this.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

COGS Frostgrave at Salute 2017

This year on 22nd April COGS will be attending the biggest wargames show of the year, Salute, with our Frostgrave games.

We'll have games running all day for both experienced and new players. Bring your own warbands and challenge ours or use one of the many sample warbands we'll have with us.

Play in one of the dungeons or in one of the cities. There are quick starter games for new players or larger games for veteran Frostgrave players.

It's up to you how you want to play and we'll have freebies from Osprey to give away to all those who take part.

We will be found on stand GK12.

Monday, 6 March 2017

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

The Princess Bride has been one of my favourite films right from when I first saw it. I know I didn't see it at the cinema when it was released in 1987 as we didn't go there quite as much as we do now, so it was probably a few years after it was made that I saw it on TV.

But I saw parts of it before then without realising what it was...

You see The Princess Bride was filmed mostly around Derbyshire where I live and the main castle and village that appear in the film were filmed at Haddon Hall not far from where I live. By chance I had a family trip to the hall just a few days before they started filming.

I remember vividly the drain pipes covered  with fake vines, the medieval village built in the grounds and the stone bridge over the river that was far too narrow for Princess Buttercup to ride a horse across. This was widened with a hidden wooden section at the side so she could. But mostly I remember when one of the set builders offered to sell my Dad the plaster wall he was building for my dad to use at the bottom of our garden. I doubt it would last long.

The title of the film we'd been told was "The Princess Bride" and with such a sappy title we thought nothing of it. But the film isn't sappy... it's glorious. Full of great actors, a fantastically funny script and plenty of action.

So when I spotted Antediluvian Miniature's Pirate set I knew I had to have them, They would fit in great as models for my Frostgrave games or maybe for use with Osprey's En Garde ruleset.

I just finished painting them and I'd have to say they are some of the best miniatures I have ever painted. Wonderfully characterful with masses of fine detail.

Link to the Antedivulian Miniatures shop.