Sunday, 21 January 2018


I've been playing a bit of Warpath Firefight recently as Plague and fancied a change. I realised a while back that I almost had enough Enforcers to make a decent sized Firefight force. All I was short of was a few extra basic Enforcers. One box of the plastics later and I had enough. Only thing left was to paint them.

So here they are. The remainder of my Enforcers now finished. Well ok, not all, but almost all. I've  only got 2 of the big flyers left to do.

I've also started work on my medieval city's dockyard...

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Medieval Market

A  couple of months ago I posted photos of the "Torture Cage" from Iron Gate Scenery. When I bought this I also bought some of their market place scenery, a few stalls and barrows. I've just had some fun putting together a little vignette to show these off using some of my other scenery and models.

Now I just need a game that these will fit in with, because I don't think they're right for Frostgrave!

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Terraforming Mars

Something a little different.

I occasionally play boardgames as well as wargames. There's so many of these available now it's hard to keep track and I usually find that someone else at the club has bought the a game before me, so to be honest I just don't. However I do sometimes root around in Boardgame Geek to see what the latest thing is.

One recent game that got my interest was Terraforming Mars. It went out of print for a while but when it started to be restocked I bought a copy. The thing about Terraforming Mars is though it's pretty it's not amazingly pretty. Unlike with some games the effort seems to have gone into the game itself and not the look of it. This has given me chance to improve on that look in particular the tiles.

I'd seen various 3d printer versions of the tiles and then someone's own hand made items. So I looked in my bits box and found that the hexes I used in my Dreadball pitch which I made before starting this blog, were exactly the same size as the Terraforming Mars hexes and I had loads left over. This made my mind up.

I first created the sea, city and greenery tiles and we've been using those for a while now. Over the Christmas break I've extended the collection to include all the special tiles. Now I just need to get another game in...

Friday, 22 December 2017

Burgundian Pikemen

I've just finished some Burgundian Pikemen for my Wars of the Roses army. 

I decided to put extra banners in these as it fits in with the masses of vertical pikes.

Here they are along with all the other parts of the army including all the fantasy elements.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Big Kings of War game at Red on Blue in Nottingham (Robin)

We'll be running one of our massive Kings of War games at the Robin show in Nottingham on Sunday 11th February 2018.

We have 20ft x 6ft of table space for us this time with plenty of miniatures and terrain already available. What we really need help with is players. From experience a game of this size really needs at least 5 players a side.

So if you can help please let me know!

If you have armies to bring as well, then that's a bonus, but it's not a requirement! Also knowledge of Kings of War rules is not needed.

Even if you can't attend all day then we'll be letting passing players help out as well on the day.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Doom Bunny!!!

I picked up this Ral Partha model a while ago now. But since I needed a special model to use as "Matt the Muted" for the upcoming Four Foot Snake - Kings of War tournament I decided it was time to paint it up.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Captured Dragon Turtle

As part of the fantasy elements for my Kings of War - Wars of the Roses army I decided I'd like to add a Beast of War. These are normally great beasts, like elephants or mammoths with howdahs so I looked around for something suitable.

I plumped for the Reaper Bones dragon turtle, but when playing around with it decided I thought a howdah would probably look pretty silly. However I didn't give up on it and came up with the idea that the beast would be goaded into battle by troops with spears and pole arms.

Following on from the Pegasus Knight in the last post, this one has been based around Burgundians. It's been my first attempt at painting standard Burgundian troops. I have a lot more of them to do yet.