Saturday, 14 April 2018

Gaslands - More Cars and a Family Death Race!

More Hotwheels and Matchbox cars have been through the Gaslands chop shop having weapons and drivers and other modifications from Ramshackle GamesS&S Models, and hendarxxiii on eBay.

Scrabbling through old flames of war scenery and cheap deals on plastic cars on ebay has produced plenty of terrain.

Enough cars have now been made that today we had our first Heath Family Death Race. It was a great game with the whole family involved. My 7-year-old daughter romped in with first place with her Lotus, her Mummy in second and my 11-year-old son in 3rd. I was the only one not to cross the finish line my son managing to blow both my cars to smithereens with his turret mounted MG.

The contestants lined up on the Start line.

The race is to be run around an old railway line in the desert.

Cars jockey for position to cross the first gate

The lotus drops oil as it speeds into the lead.

My latest conversions and repaints

Getting the working lights in the Screamliner was harder than expected, but I'm happy.

My daughter's winning Lotus that I repainted/converted for her.

My son did his own Pickup Truck and Buggy.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Continuing in their attempt to have a ruleset for every genre in the wargaming hobby Osprey have produced a set of rules for post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem... basically an up-to-date "Car Wars" style game.

Using a set of templates with a style very familiar to X-Wing players, but introducing a very, very clever "Skid Dice" system, the game system looks very interesting and tactical. The rules are intended for converted Hot Wheels and Matchbox scale die-cast cars, that are abundantly available for not very much in many high-street shops. So you can make your teams up fairly easily with loads of customisation options already in many a wargamer's bits-box.

I had to give it a go...

My first cars are from my son's old toy car box and have been converted with bits from old Warhammer 40K sprues. Once I saw them with their built-in transparent warning lights I had to make those lights flash.

So far we've only played a couple of test games, but it looks like a very good system indeed. A ton of fun! I've amassed a large collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars that have been disassembled and stripped. I just need the accessories from Ramshackle Games to arrive and I can start customising the next few cars.

I'm also working on terrain...

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Hammerhead Show Rescheduled to April 28th

Due to local adverse weather the police have closed access to Newark Showground.

Therefore Hammerhead has been re-scheduled for 28th April 2018.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Building Medieval Docks #7 - Complete

After pouring the water, that took a week or so, I've added ropes to tie the boats up and some ducks.

The docks are now complete...


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Building Medieval Docks #6

This is the bit I hate. Pouring the water....

The reason being that I have got used to using Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. This has the advantage that it's a water based acrylic water effect that you just pour straight from the bottle. The problem being that it takes an age to dry and I keep messing with it.

Luckily the damage caused by messing can be fixed by pouring another layer, but at some point it has to actually be left to dry. I started pretty much straight after the last blog post and have poured several layers since then... messing with them whilst I go.

I've just poured the last layer and to make sure I don't mess with it again I'm going away for the weekend. Ok.... Ok... I was going away anyway, but this will mean I won't have the temptation of messing with the piece.

The cloudiness in the water will go when it's dried.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Building Medieval Docks #5

So more progress... things are looking good.

First off I built the jetties, there's a framework built initially...

After that I glued on all the decking...

With the decking complete, I then applied some Agrax Earth Shade and few dry brushes with stone grey and grey green...

Then the boats were painted and added (along with some scratch-built oars and other details. A dam was put in place ready for the next step of pouring the "water"...

Kings of War Big Game - Robin 2018

The weekend before last we put on one of our huge games of Kings of War at the Robin show. This was probably the largest we'd ever done. With 5 players per side on our 16ft x 6ft table we had 32,000 points per side using the rules on the Kings of War Big Game page.

This game was a real turning point for us. We've certainly reached the limit of the size of armies we can use on that size table with the number of players. In fact we've almost certainly gone beyond a practical size. There were so many troops that there was no room to manoeuvre and we only managed to play 4 turns, not really reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

So it's time to start restricting the amount of stuff we use rather than just putting everything we own on the table. With that in mind we've put together some rules of thumb to follow:
  • Max 2,500 points per 2 foot table length. 
  • Max 6,000 points per experienced player.
  • Max 3,000 points per less experienced player.
So, the plan for the future will be:
  • Get as much space as possible. I can go up to 18ft x 6ft with some of my extra boards. 
  • Each experienced player bring up to around 5,000 points. Specify well in advance what side they are playing. Multiple armies fine.
  • Each less experienced player bring 2,500 points.
  • Each player without own army borrow one from a COGS member up to value of 2,500.

With that in mind we look forward to the next big game... Here are some photos from Robin.