Monday, 4 April 2022

Blücher - Spring 1813 Map Campaign - Third Battle

The third battle of the campaign sees the French assaulting Leizpig. 

The city is defended by a Russian corps under Winzingerode and half of the Prussian 1st Corps. The French have the entirety of Ney's III Corps.

The allies hold the city and deploy on the other side of the river. The French deploy their columns ready to march forward. The Russian cavalry is sent around the flank to stop the French reserve moving onto the allied right flank.

With the initial moves done the French start to march forward.

However they do so into a hailstorm of highly effective Russian and Prussian artillery. Ney's troops start to fall in droves and even the strong attack into the city is repelled.

Eventually those losses become too much. The French have hardly any fresh troops remaining and the chances of actually taking the city look very slim indeed. 

Finally the allied cavalry decide that they can actually make French defeat a surety by circling and taking the objectives on the French side of the battlefield. With the only French cavalry unit already retired after taking heavy losses from Russian horse artillery the French commander decides enough is enough and starts to retire his troops from the battlefield.

The Prussians and Russians have held Leipzig and pushed the French back to Merseberg for no losses at all. The French have three units now understrength as a result of this battle. 

The allies decided to continue to hold Leipzig as it is key to so many ways into Germany proper.

The next battle promises to be quite large so we'll need a whole day to play it. Unfortunately my weekends in April are all booked up so we'll have to wait until May before continuing the campaign.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Blücher - Spring 1813 Map Campaign - Second Battle

The second battle of our campaign was to be played at a normal club-night at COGS so we had to choose a smaller one. 

The battle was for the key town of Altenburg, to the south of the map. This town blocks the road that the French are using to advance further into Prussia and also split the French forces and so is doubly important.

Blücher held the town with half of his corps. Barclay de Tolly's corps was just off the map and would come on as reinforcements. Marmont lead the French IV corps in the assault and was hoping for support from XII Corps just off to the west.

Blücher garrisoned the town with infantry, including a guard unit and put his horse artillery on the hill with cavalry behind to defend. As the French columns advanced he bombarded them and swept some cavalry around to the right flank. This served both to threaten the French columns, slowing them, but also to head-off the reinforcements.

The French columns pushed some of the infantry out of the town, but the guard held strong. The cavalry danced around, jockeying for position on the right flank. Things were not looking too good.

Then the Russians arrived and their columns of infantry counterattacked into the town, pushing the French troops out and destroying some units completely.

However it wasn't long before the French reinforcements arrived, but with the Prussian cavalry watching their deployment onto the battlefield they were unable to reserve move enough to really take part in the battle.

As the sun set the French decided that their attack on the town was only going to reduce their strength for further battles and so they called off the assault. The Allies held the town for very minor losses and they'd given the French a bloody nose in the process.

Playing this sort of campaign battle is a completely different experience from playing a one-off game of Blücher. You have to be careful not to over-commit your units and end up with a much reduced force for future battles. It's very easy indeed to do this. The French lost units they could really have done with not losing in this battle. I suspect this may affect them badly in future campaign turns.

There are two more battles to play out in this campaign turn. One looks like we should be able to get it done in a COGS evening, but the other is going to require more time and it could be a while before we get chance to play it.

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Blücher - Spring 1813 Map Campaign - Setup and First Battle

We finally started our Blücher Spring 1813 Map Campaign today. 

I first planned to start this about 2 years ago and got everything ready apart from a few extra units. Since various lock-downs occurred and diversions to other projects and hobbies I only finished painting those last few units a few weeks ago.

With a Dales Wargames meet today offering a rare chance to play for a whole day it was possible to start the campaign.

My son, Brendan, took control of the French, with help from David, and Gerald took control of the Prussians supported by myself with the Russians. The campaign is based on the same system and maps as used here, though with the order-of-battle based off my own interpretation of the lists in the George Nafziger book, "Lützen and Bautzen". The French have to have a decisive battle and get some of their troops off the east edge of the map.

After a few initial turns of movement the map looked like this.

The Allies had declared 4 battles in an attempt to block the French movement. The columns marked with A are Allies, F are French.

We decided the play the second from top battle involving F3 and A1, with A10 and A11 as reserves. This would actually involve Napoleon and his guard attacking 2/3 of Yorck's Corp with Tomassov's Russian guard and reserves coming on as reinforcements.

The terrain meant that the Prussians were defending the town of Wittenberg, with most of their forces on the far side of the impassable River Elbe. The only way to them was through Wittenberg or across a pontoon bridge further upstream.

Initially the Prussians were fighting to save their lives and hold ground. Some valiant landwehr held the French guard cavalry. The French needed to destroy just 4 Prussian units before the Russians could arrive in order to win the battle and take control of all the board. The French however, had the problem that their supply-lines were cut by Prussian units. Any lost units could not be recovered at all.

Then the Russians arrived on the eastern side of the battlefield and the objectives changed. The French changed direction and moved to block the Russian's advance with squares of infantry.

The French guard managed to charge the Russian guard and grenadiers as they advanced through the woods and damage them significantly. However the Russian cavalry and artillery managed to destroy several French infantry units completely. They are now out of the campaign.

Licking their wounds the Russians retired from the battlefield. As the afternoon waned the French ceased their attack and both sides re-organised.

This was a great start to the campaign and we're looking forward to getting more battles played soon.

Monday, 31 January 2022

Preparations for Blood and Plunder Participation game at Hammerhead 2022

Yesterday we ran some trial games in preparation for our Blood and Plunder participation game which will be run at Hammerhead 2022 on  Saturday 5th March.

The table will be around 12ft long with two small land battles and a sea battle in the middle. The game will be suited to players with no previous experience of Blood and Plunder.

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Kings of War - Sylvan Kin - New Formation

So since we're back at the club now I've started to think about playing Kings of War again. I've decided to concentrate on my Sylvan Kin army and have had a couple of games now using the new Clash of Kings 2022 book. 

So far it's been great with a wonderful synergy between the elves and the trees and the wide availability of the Scout rule has made it a really fast and scary army, up in the face of the enemy right on turn 1.

Of course there's a formation in the list and it looked interesting to me. But it needed two units I didn't have. Forest Guard and Boskwraiths. 

Looking at the stats and fluff I could see that Forest Guards were basically elves with sword and shield (and a little extra). The Boskwraiths seemed to be elves dual-wielding swords. I decided I could do conversions to make these models.

The Forest Guards I made from some of my spare, already painted bowmen and spearmen. I had far too many. It was a simple case of replacing their weapons with swords. Some were spares from the elf sprues and others 3D printed.

The Boskwraiths I used some new untouched sprues of Gladestalkers I got for Christmas and replaced their bows with swords in the same way.

The King is just the same Elf King model I've been using for years...

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Blücher - Lützen 1813

Today at Dales Wargames we played the Battle of Lützen 1813. This was using the Old Meldrum Wargames Scenario with very minor modifications to meet my available terrain and troops.

Initial layout as prepared at home yesterday

The battle sees a small French force defending 4 villages/towns against attacking Prussian and Russian troops. The forces arrive on board at specific times during the day as the battle escalates. Initially the Prussians and Russians have the advantage in numbers but this see-saws between them and the French as each turn progresses.

The key to the battle is for the Allies to push the French out of the 4 urban areas before the French manage to bring up reinforcements.

Initially the Allies push forward into the first and the largest urban area before the French can prepare. The Cavalry are useless in urban areas so move out to the left to put pressure on the French flank.

The French pull their flank back to the objective villages and get ready to repel the attack. The prussians push into the town and are initially repelled. They get a foothold though. The allied cavalry advance.

The first set of Allied reinforcements arrive and the cavalry push past the objectives to try to slow the French reinforcements moving up on each flank. There is bloody fighting over the objectives, but the Allied greater numbers and the poor quality of the French conscripts mean the allies are winning.

The Allies are really making inroads into the urban areas. Meanwhile the French reinforcements have to deal with the screening cavalry. Marmont's corps finds itself stopped in its tracks, but Ney manages to sneak towards the objective area.

By mid-afternoon the Allies have 3 of the objectives. Ney's troops are putting up a fight for the fourth, but the Allied numbers are greater. Marmont's corps is stalled completely by the Allied cavalry and artillery.

Still Ney is holding on, but still the Allies continue to push. Serious French reinforcements will arrive soon and its important the Allies have control before they do.

The French Imperial Guard is spotted in the distance and the Allied cavalry has to pull back. But the allies have just been reinforced by a terrifying amount of Russian artillery. The Guard can't get in to help Ney and the last of his brigades is destroyed. The Allies have all the objectives, they just need to hold them until the end of the game.

Some Italians and Croatians arrive on the Allied left flank, but the Allies have put in a defensive line and they are just too late to be useful.

On the Allied right flank French reinforcements arrive unexpectedly. The allies quickly prepare a defence. It doesn't have to be a strong one as the day is coming to an end.

In the end despite a valiant attempt from some French reinforcements the Allies occupied all four of the objective urban areas at the end of the last turn and so won the game.

It's been a bloody battle, especially for the French. All the lost units are lined up beyond the river on the allied right flank, we gave it the nickname, "The River Styx"

What a great scenario this is! Well done Old Meldrum Wargames. It's good job I have Dales Wargames to get to play at. This scenario took 5 hours to play after we'd set up. There's no way we could play it at COGS.

Right now I'm looking at the next of their 1813 scenarios, Bauzten. This one is an even larger battle.

Thursday, 18 November 2021

3D Printed OpenLOCK Tavern complete

I have managed to get some modelling done this summer. Not much, mind you... drones have taken up far too much of my time. 

The main thing I've completed is the OpenLOCK Tavern I started in the Spring. Mainly I got this finished so I could get it stored away and make space for my next project, but yes also so I could use it in an upcoming 7TV Fantasy game I'd like to run soonish. It perhaps would have happened sooner if I'd not gone and caught COVID last week!

Anyway, here are the photos of the Tavern, fully furnished with furniture new and old.